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Suowei ophthalmic A-meter SW-1000A / P

Suowei ophthalmic A-type measuring instrument SW-1000 has a macular identification function that can accurately measure the axial length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, and intraocular lens calculations. Suowei Corneal Thickness Gauge SW-1000P has the center and the peripheral area of ​​the automatic gain compensation capability to accurately measure the center and the surrounding corneal thickness, widely used in preoperative refractive surgery and postoperative evaluation.

A ultra-probe
10MHz imported small probe, built-in LED
Measuring range: 15mm-40mm
Measurement accuracy: ± 0.05mm; with macular tracking function
measurement: anterior chamber depth, crystal thickness, glass length, total length and average
Measurement methods: Contact method
Eye mode: Crystal eyes / aphakia / dense cataract / a variety of intraocular lens
IOL formula: SRK-II, SRK-T, BINKHORST, HOLLADAY, HOFFER-Q, HAIGIS 6 groups of formulas can enter name, ID, Check the archive can store 10 cases, each case can store 5 measurements Results
Output: A super-wave and IOL calculation table
20MHz probe, 45-degree bends Convenient operation Resolution: 5um
Measurement Range: 150um ~ 1500um Display modes: SINGLE mode and MAP mode Ultrasonic waveform during measurement 20 values ​​per set Average of measurement results Can be switched between IOP measurement and actual value Input of name, ID and operator’s name
Other large screen Color LCD
touch screen input, easy to operate foot control, automatic / manual built-in fast thermal printer
Suowei ophthalmic A-meter SW-1000A / P


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