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We Promise To Serve You Better

We are among the first companies to start makerketing Intra ocular lenses in India.

We were the first company to participate in evolution from Plano convex lenses to introduction of A-scan, zoom magnification & phaco in the era of steel sutures loops and iris claw lenses.

We have been the channel partner of B+L for the last 30 years.
We brought Hoya, Medlogics, Plusoptix, and many more companies the first time in India.

We always had a sincere & honest approach towards serving our clients.
We aim to bring a lot of new technologies to India,and it our continuous endeavour to work for and showcase the latest technologies to our clients.

Honest working approach and customer satisfaction is what we thrive our business upon.

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Best Quality Products

Our unwavering commitment to quality, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and dedication to innovation make us the trusted choice for healthcare providers worldwide, ensuring you receive the best quality products that enhance patient care and elevate healthcare practices.

Affordable Price

We understand the financial challenges faced by healthcare providers, and our commitment to competitive pricing ensures that you can access top-notch supplies without compromising your budget. With AB Medisurg, you get the assurance of cost-effectiveness without sacrificing product quality, making us the ideal partner for optimizing your healthcare expenditures while maintaining the highest standards of care.

Fast Delivery

We understand the urgency of healthcare needs, and our streamlined logistics and distribution systems ensure that your essential medical and surgical products reach you swiftly and reliably. Count on us to meet your critical timelines, minimize downtime, and provide uninterrupted patient care, because at AB Medisurg, we’re not just about products; we’re about delivering on time, every time.
Our ProductsOur Products

We have the best quality
Medical products.